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LED BeamBSW F-700
  Parameter Channel Size Video  
Voltage: AC100 ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Light source: high power 600W white LED, 6500k
LED life: 20000 hours
CRI74 / 90
Horizontal scanning: 540 or 630 (16 bit precision scanning)
Vertical scanning: 270 (16 bit precision scanning)
Advanced scanning system is more rapid, stable and quiet, with automatic error correction reset function
Uniform and smooth CMY + CTO color mixing system
1 color disc: 7 fixed color chips + white light, half color effect,
The color chip can be positioned arbitrarily, with the rainbow effect of bidirectional rotation
1 rotary pattern disk: 6 plug-in rotating pattern pieces + white circle, with pattern jitter and arbitrary positioning function
1 fixed pattern disk: 8 plug-in fixed pattern pieces + white circle, with pattern jitter function
Channels: 36 international standard DMX512 channels
Prism disk: rotate 3 prism + 6 rows of mirrors, can rotate forward and backward direction, can stack prism, and has prism positioning function
Focusing: electronic focusing, ultra smooth focus adjustment
Aperture: 5% ~ 100% smooth adjustment
Stroboscopic: the maximum frequency can reach 25Hz, and random stroboscopic and pulse stroboscopic can be selected
Dimming: 0 ~ 100% linear dimming
Atomization: 0 ~ 100% linear atomization
Amplification: 4.5 to 50 linear amplification
Cutting disc: a set of 4 pieces of corner cutting can control the facula angle cutting system,
The whole cutting angle system can be rotated by 90 degrees. Through the precise control of the light cutting piece, the cutting angle system can be rotated by 90 degrees,
Can create any direction of triangle, diamond, rectangle and other shapes of spot
Effect plate: Super dazzling simulation of dynamic moving flames, gurgling water and other dynamic effects
Touch color LCD display
With RDM function
Size: 510L * 345w * 800H (mm)
Net weight: 40KGS
Gross weight: 43kgs
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